How our picture hangers are designed for drywall

Here at Under The Roof Decorating we are driven by design. We’re passionate about inventing new products that focus on solving common wall decorating problems and make hanging wall décor easy, both indoors and out. This series highlights the thinking behind the design features that make our products unique. Learn why our DécoNails™, DécoScrews™ and DécoHooks™ work so well in drywall.

Designed for drywall

Drywall or sheetrock is far and away the most popular surface used to hang wall décor, so we have designed our picture hanging products with specific features that help you hang décor more securely and with less wall damage.

The head of all of our picture hangers includes a large skirt that fits flush to the drywall. This patented design feature distributes the weight of the picture over a large surface area, so there is less damage to the drywall than when using a traditional nail, screw or hook. In addition, each hanger has a unique shank design to improve ease of installation and holding strength.

DecoNails in drywall

The shank design of our DecoNails includes a spiralled profile that makes the nail catch new pieces of drywall as it’s being hammered into the wall. This significantly increases the amount of force required to pull it out of the drywall so it holds more securely than a typical hardware nail. Check out our Youtube DécoNail playlist to learn more.

DecoHook in drywall

Our DécoHooks are designed with a spring steel wire that engages with the backside of the drywall, so as you put weight on to the front of the hook, the tip of the wire embeds itself further into the back of the drywall. This design is what gives DécoHooks their superior holding strength of up to 40 pounds. Learn more about how to use DécoHooks on Youtube.

DecoScrews in drywall

Our DécoScrews feature a patented threaded conical shaft. This means as you screw the hanger into the drywall every part of the thread is embedding itself in fresh drywall, which creates a strong and lasting hold. This unique design acts as a screw and anchor in one that eliminates the extra steps, products and tools needed for the typical way of hanging heavy items where you install an anchor first to hold the screw.  See our Youtube playlist for DécoScrews to learn more.

Even our non-traditional, innovative new system of hanging called Place&Push® is optimized for drywall. The pins that support the canvas or picture frame have a firm hold with a strength reading of over 20 pounds, and will cause a minimum amount of damage to drywall, making filling holes a breeze when it comes time to move or change up your decorating.

So, no matter which UTR designed picture hanger you choose you can be confident that your artwork is going to hang securely in drywall, with a minimum amount of damage to your wall.

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