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Damage-Free Hanging

  • Hold posters securely between magnets and discs without having to put holes in the wall or the art
  • The adhesive backs stick firmly and removes without damaging the wall surface
  • Adjust or swap out items quickly and easily
  • Works on most smooth surfaces
  • Perfect for renters, dorms, offices and kids' rooms
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Damage free poster hanging.

Whether you have posters, kid’s art or lists to hang, DécoMagnets™ can be used on any smooth surface without damaging the poster or the wall.

This no-damage magnet and disc system works on any smooth surface
DécoMagnets are a magnetic hanging system for sheet items like posters, kid’s art, lists, and plans. A metal disc fastens to the wall or smooth surface using an adhesive that won’t leave any residue when removed. A strong magnet is used to capture the poster between the magnet and the disc. Both the poster and surface will be damage-free!
Easy and fast installation
DécoMagnets are super easy to use. Place what you are hanging between the metal disk and magnet. Remove the protective film from the adhesive on the disk and it’s ready for hanging.

Hold the item by the magnets to find the perfect spot to install. Press the adhesive onto the surface while still holding onto the magnets—and you’re done. Whether you are decorating or organizing, DécoMagnets have you covered at home, school or work.
Exchange art or remove with no damage
When it’s time for a change, you can reposition or replace the art for something new by taking off the magnets and removing the poster, adding the new item and replacing the magnets to hold it in place. Easy!

Included is a removal tool to help lift the disc from the wall, when it’s time. The disc adhesive removes cleanly without leaving any residue.

DécoMagnets come in both black or white to fit with any poster color or décor style.
Product FAQ
Q: Are DécoMagnets™ reusable? A: Our DécoMagnets can be reused on any metal surface. The metal discs are designed to be removed and leave no marks or residue on the wall afterwards. Unfortunately, this means that the adhesive isn’t strong enough to be used again to hang securely, and may come off the wall if reused a number of times. Q: How much weight can DécoMagnets™ hold? A: Because the strength of a magnet varies by the distance from the metal surface, it is difficult to come up with a meaningful number that makes sense for most people. As a guideline, a DécoMagnets™ will securely hold 15 sheets of regular letter size bond paper.

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