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The easiest way to hang stuff on brick

  • Please measure your brick before you buy
  • Designed for brick 2 1/4 inches tall with mortar recessed at least ¼ inch
  • Securely hang items on brick walls, indoors and out
  • Quick and easy to use: hook the hanger on the bottom of the brick and slowly stretch it to hook the top of the brick
  • Reusable; No tools needed; Will not damage your bricks
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Decorating on brick? DécoBrick™ is the easy, no damage solution!

Whether you are decorating or organizing, DécoBrick™ hangers are easy to install and remove without any tools or damage, indoors or out.

I don't want to damage my bricks!
Easy no damage installation and removal
Simply hook the bottom of the hanger underneath the bottom edge of the brick, and then using your thumb stretch and hook the top of the hanger to the top edge of the brick. In order to work correctly, the mortar between the bricks must be recessed at least ¼ inch. Now you are ready to hang your item. It’s that simple.

When it’s time for a change, the hangers are just as easy to remove and can be repositioned or used again for another project.
Two hook shapes to hang anything you need
DécoBrick hangers come in two different patented head designs to make it easy to hang just about anything. The hook style is perfect for hanging décor that uses a D-ring or picture wire. Use it to hang wreaths and even strings of lights. The depth of the hook will make sure that your items will stay secure—even in windy conditions. 

The button style hanger is ideal for décor that uses a keyhole, including things like a mailbox or clock. Both of the hanger designs securely hold items up to 15 lbs (7 kg).
Not all bricks are the same
DécoBrick hangers can be used on brick inside or outside your home. They are designed to work with standard North American bricks that are 2 ¼” but will stretch to accommodate slight variations in brick height. 

In order to install properly and securely, the mortar needs to be recessed by a minimum of ¼”.
Easy to remove and reuse
Removing the DécoBrick hanger is simply the reverse of installing it. You can easily adjust the position of the hooks as needed, without worrying about any damage to your brick. This makes it a perfect solution for hanging seasonal décor.
Product FAQ
Q: What kind of brick will work with DécoBrick™ hangers? A: Our DecoBrick™ hangers were designed to work with standard size bricks in North America, approximately 2 ¼” tall.

Note that the mortar around the brick must be recessed by at least ¼” in order for DécoBrick to work correctly.
Q: Will DécoBrick™ hangers damage my brick? A: Our DécoBrick™ hangers were designed specifically to hang stuff on your brick without needing to drill into it or damage it in any way. The hanger clamps onto the top and bottom edge of the brick face to secure it. If the brick is extremely fragile, it may cause some of it to crumble, make sure to test it prior to hanging something on it. Q: How do I remove a DécoBrick™ hanger? A: Removing a DécoBrick™ hanger is the reverse process of installing it. Using your thumb, place it underneath the hook on the front of the hanger and push up to stretch the hanger and dislodge the top edge from the top of the brick. Once it’s clear of the top of the brick you can remove the bottom edge of the hanger.

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