How to make picture hanging easy? Mark exactly where the nail goes!

Let your walls tell your story! The Hang & Level™ picture hanging tool takes the hassle and frustration out of decorating. You can hang any kind of wall decor quickly and easily, every time.

how do I know what it will look like?

Hang items visually

Don't want to damage your walls?

No more mistake holes

Image of multiple holes in the wall

What can i use it with?

Hang any kind of wall décor

How to create a gallery wall

Let your walls tell a story

Picture hanging is stressful!

Save walls, time and relationships

How to use Hang & Level

Hanging item on the Hang & Level tool

Put your wall décor on the tool

Hang your item on the top hook of the tool. If your frame has a wire, you can use the two hook system to hang it on two nails for added security.

Place your picture in the right spot with Hang & Level

Find the perfect spot

Take the tool and the frame to the wall and move it around to find the perfect spot. The pads on the back of the Hang & Level protect your wall from scratches.

Press the button on the Hang & Level tool to mark the spot

Press to mark where the nail goes

When you find the perfect spot, keep the Hang & Level on the wall and remove the item. Press the hook button to mark exactly where the nail goes.

Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus
Hang & Level™ w Bonus

Hang & Level™ w Bonus

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The Picture Hanging Tool - Marks Exactly Where the Nail Goes

  • Easy to use - saves time, walls & frustration
  • Metal pins mark exactly where the nail goes - eliminates "mistake" holes
  • Single and double hook system works with all picture hanging hardware, including picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings & keyholes
  • Built-in levels ensure your pictures are hanging straight
  • Rubber cushions on the back of the tool protects your walls from scratches
  • Perfect for hanging gallery walls 

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