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We design innovative products that make decorating easy to help you Create the home you love™


Empowering self-expression
Decorating can be frustrating, but it doesn't need to be this way! Our products make decorating easy, so that you can focus on unleashing your creativity. Discover the delight of creating spaces that you love, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself.
Born out of innovation
Like most great ideas, ours started with a simple problem. As an interior decorator, our Co-founder Liette found it challenging to hang artwork precisely without damaging her clients’ walls. She couldn’t find a product to solve this problem, so together with her husband Kelly, they designed the Hang&Level™ picture hanging tool.
Make it. Test it. Break it. Improve it. Repeat.
Solving problems is what we are all about. Our design process focuses on ways to get the results you want without all the traditional steps, measuring and calculating. Focus on the joy of decorating, not the frustrations of the process.
Decorating, simplified™
We love making it easier for everyone to decorate their homes. Since creating that first Hang&Level our product line has expanded to over 30 items that help save time, walls, even relationships. When you simplify the process, it becomes easy to Create the home you love™

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