Designing Better Picture Hanging Tools

Here at Under The Roof Decorating we are driven by design. We’re passionate about inventing new products that focus on solving common wall decorating problems and make hanging wall décor easy, both indoors and out. These  innovative tools in the hands of our customers are transforming how picture hanging is done.

Tools designed to simplify wall decorating 


Design process of CanvasHangers


We create unique products so you can hang your wall décor like a pro, on your own and without all of the hassles of the traditional methods that haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Each of our products are designed to work together and address every step of the picture hanging process. (Our How to Hang Three Pictures blog shows how easy it is to decorate using our patented products.)

We also design new ways to hang wall decor that are a total departure from traditional methods and hardware. Our Place&Push® hanging system eliminates the hassles of hanging wall décor by reducing it down to only two simple and elegant steps. Place the item on the wall, and push it into the drywall for a secure hold. That’s it!

Try it out for yourself with our new CanvasHangers™ - the easiest way to hang a canvas. Period. Click here to shop now.

Easily decorate outdoors

Design process of DecoBrick

Creating a space you love isn’t limited to hanging indoors on drywall, and neither are our hanging solutions. We’ve designed our DécoBrick™ and DécoVinyl™ hangers to make it quick and easy to decorate your outdoor spaces without any tools or damage. 

Unleash your creativity

The innovative products we make help people express their style and creativity through decorating, which is possible by our commitment to design. It can take anywhere from months to years to see an idea through to fruition, and only a small fraction of the proposed designs ever make it to store shelves. For us, it’s worth the investment. When customers have those aha moments realizing there is a much better way to decorate, we know our products have fulfilled their design promises.

Empowering self expression to create the home you love

Learn more about product design at UTR Decorating in this series:


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-The UTR Team


At Under The Roof Decorating our mission is to design innovative products that help you Create the home you love™.

We believe everyone should have a home they love that reflects who they are. Our passion is to design products to help you quickly and easily decorate your home—all on your own. Discover the joy of creating spaces you love, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Our products are available online and at many retailers in the USA and Canada, including Target, Lowe's and The Home Depot.
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