How to Hang Three Pictures — It’s Easier Than You Think!

3 frames final look

These three frames are perfectly level, which I love. Getting them up took less then 10 minutes, all without any eyeballing or extra holes made in the walls.

These are the tools you need to get the job done right: a Hang & Level, painter’s tape, a Déco hammer, a small level, three Déco Nails and six Anchor Points (two per frame).

Hang 3 frames tools needed

We set our three identical frames on the table to figure out how much spacing was needed between each frame. We centered the middle one with the table (over the drawers), then left an equal amount of space between the frames on the left and on the right.

3 frames leaning against wall

Hang the middle frame first, then proceed to one of the outer frames (it doesn’t matter which one). We left approximately 11 inches between the bottom of the frame and the table so that larger accessories could be displayed without getting in the way of the frames.

3 frames LT hanging 1st one

Stick the Anchor Points on the bottom corners of your frame to keep it nice and straight.

3 frames anchor points

Level the frame with the small yellow vial and push on the bottom corners of the frame to anchor the pins into the wall. Now it’ll stay nice and straight even when dusting.

3 frames vial on top

Hang the second frame. Line up the top with the top of the frame you’ve just hung. Hang it and stick Anchor Points on the bottom corners. To make it easy to space our frames equally, we cut same size pieces of painter’s tape and stuck them on both sides of the middle frame.

3 frames hanging 2nd frame

Repeat the same steps to hang the third frame. Peel off the painter’s tape and you’re done!

3 frames space tape

With our frames perfectly hung, we accessorized with spring in mind. Our framed botanical prints paired well with a sisal rug, artisan garden stools, and a pretty mauve water can to create a minimalistic, no-fuss look that is spring-like and very functional. You can use the garden stools for extra seating around the house or in your outdoor space, or use them to set a plant on or to set your favorite drink on.

3 frames final shot

As always, if you have any questions regarding this project, email, tweet, or FB us as we’d love to help you!

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