How to Hang Pictures: 10 Top Tips

These 10 easy picture hanging tips will help you get beautiful results quickly and easily without making extra holes in your walls.

1. When hanging pictures to be viewed from a standing position (in areas like hallways or entryways), the best rule of thumb is to position your artwork so the center point hangs at 60″ to 66″ from the floor.

picture hanging at eye level 60 tp 66" from floor to center

2. In rooms where most time is spent sitting, you may want to hang pictures lower. Sit across from where you want to hang your piece and have someone move the art up and down until you can enjoy it comfortably.

3. Art is an extension of your furniture, so place your furniture exactly where you want it before you start hammering nails in your walls. And by furniture we mean everything from armoires, hutches, pianos, bookcases, sofas, desks, floor lamps, table lamps… well, you get the picture.

4. As a general rule when hanging pictures above furniture, the bottom of your frame should be 8” to 10” above the furniture. If you hang your artwork too high, your design won’t look cohesive.

5. When hanging pictures over a couch, choose artwork that is at least 2/3 the length of the sofa to create perfect balance between the couch and wall display. The same goes for hanging artwork over a bed.

art above sofa infographic showing what size, how high and how much space in between pictures

6. If hanging several pictures together in a row, using an odd number of frames makes it easy to center the middle piece with your furniture and then hang the next one(s) either to the left or right. It doesn’t matter which side you start with, as long as you work from the middle.

7. The amount of space to leave between pictures in a grouping depends on the size of the pictures, wall space and furniture, but 2″ to 5″ between pictures is a good place to start. To make it easy to space frames equally, cut equal-sized pieces of painter’s tape and stick them on the wall between pictures. It won’t damage your walls and it’s easy to remove afterwards.

using painters tape to space frames evenly when hanging pictures

8. When hanging a group of pictures, use Anchor Points to keep them in place. It will be easier to line up the next frame when the first one is fixed perfectly straight on the wall. Plus your arrangement will stay niceley aligned, no matter what.

9. An easy way to determine the best arrangement for a multi-frame display is to lay pictures on the floor before hanging.

laying frames on the floor before hanging a group of pictures

10. Use Hang & Level, our picture hanging tool, to find the exact location for the nails without any complicated measuring.


We’ve created a video version of our 10 easy tips, which you can watch below. You’ll find more helpful picture hanging tips to help you hang things up on ouPinterest board. See you there!


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