What makes AnchorPoints™ different?

AnchorPoints™ are designed to keep your art from moving on the wall no matter what, even in high traffic areas. They have been designed specifically for picture hanging and for use in drywall, and here are some of the ways they differ from other solutions out there.

So you’ve spent all this time and effort to get your wall décor to hang just so, and you want it to stay that way. Having to straighten up a frame or painting every time you walk into a space is super annoying, so how can you stop that from happening?

Person standing in front of a gallery wall hung above the couch and wondering what options there are for keeping the frames in the gallery straight.

What are the options?

There are a couple of approaches to solve this problem. One is to hang your artwork using two hangers instead of one. Depending on the frame or canvas you purchase, it may already come with two hangers (D-Rings, Keyhole hangers or Sawtooth hooks) installed. Otherwise you will have to change the existing hangers out for two D-Rings or Sawtooth Hooks. This isn’t always a simple thing to do, and you may not have the parts or tools at hand to do it. A much simpler way to solve the problem is to add some bumpers or anchors to the bottom of the décor.

A common solution is to use an adhesive rubber bumper, which sticks to the frame and provides some additional friction between the frame and the wall. While this can help make it more resistant to shifting on the wall, there’s nothing stopping the frame from actually moving if you bump into it. And if it does get shifted, the bumpers will simply make it stay in that position until you straighten it again. AnchorPoints is a solution to all of this, and will keep your picture frames straight. 

 image of two AnchorPoints™ out of the package and descriptions of some of their design features that make them keep picture frames straight.

What are AnchorPoints?

AnchorPoints are small, clear silicone pads with an adhesive surface and a metal pin embedded in the silicone. They are designed to stick to the back of a piece of wall décor and anchor them into the drywall with a small pin to prevent them from moving. The body of the AnchorPoints are made from a flexible silicone, which allows them to absorb vibrations in the wall. This prevents additional damage to the artwork and the wall, all the while keeping your wall décor perfectly level.

Three illustrations showing how AnchorPoints™ work to keep picture frames straight: peel off the protective layer on the adhesive side, place the adhesive side on each AnchorPoint the bottom two corners of the frame with the pins facing the drywall, make sure the frame is level and push the pins into the drywall.

How do they work?

AnchorPoints are simple to install and use. Peel off the protective backing and stick them to the back of your artwork in the bottom two corners, with the metal pin facing out towards the wall. Line up your artwork to make sure it’s in the right spot, and level, and firmly push the pins into the drywall. That’s it, you are done and the frames will not move again.  

AnchorPoints will work with almost any frame or canvas, and you don’t even have to take the frame off the wall to install them.

Warning label for AnchorPoints™ saying they are not to be used to hang picture frames, only to be used on the bottom corners to keep the frames from moving once they are hung.

The AnchorPoints advantage

Two images: one showing cleaning the wall décor hung with AnchorPoints™ and it doesn't move. The other image showing a family enjoying time in the living room and kids actively playing and it doesn't shift the picture frames on the wall that are hung with AnchorPoints.

Frames stay put. Once you install AnchorPoints onto your frames and push them into the wall, your artwork stays in place no matter what. Even in high traffic areas, or on walls next to doors that get opened and closed a lot, your frames will never shift from where you put them. You can be confident even when cleaning your frames, that they will not move.   

Image of the side shot of two pieces of canvas art hung on the wall to show that when AnchorPoints are used it keeps the art sitting flush to the wall, otherwise it hands forward at the top.

Keep your art flush. Many times, hanging wall décor using picture wire will make the top of the frame sit further away from the wall than the bottom, giving it a tilted look. With AnchorPoints installed, they will help keep your artwork flush to the wall. This gives you an even shadow line down each side for a professional look.

AnchorPoints make only a tiny hole in the wall (about the size of a pushpin or a sewing needle), which can be easily filled in with paint when moving. If you need to take your art off the wall, for example when you are repainting, you can use the same holes when you hang your art back up, and get the same awesome results. 

Made for drywall

We designed our AnchorPoints to work securely in drywall. Because they have been designed to be used in drywall, we don’t recommend they be used in harder wall surfaces like plaster, wood or cement.

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