Designing a new way to hang pictures

Here at Under The Roof Decorating we are driven by design. We’re passionate about inventing new products that focus on solving common wall decorating problems and make hanging wall décor easy, both indoors and out. This series highlights the thinking behind the design features that make our products unique. Learn about a new way to hang canvas and frames that completely changes how to decorate.

The picture hanging challenge

picture hanging process simplified

Picture hanging hasn’t changed in a hundred years, but what if it did? The challenges of picture hanging remain the same, but what if you could reduce the process down to two simple steps? It seems almost too easy, but once we tried it out, it worked so well that there is no going back!

A totally new way to hang pictures

CanvasHangers design

We set out to design a better way of getting your décor up onto the wall, and by using some of the features and benefits of our entire picture hanging suite of products, we created a new way of hanging décor that we call Place&Push®.

This new system still addresses all of the steps you go through when decorating your walls, but makes it far simpler and without any tools, measuring or marking on your walls.

Our new Place&Push technology is simple and secure. You can see exactly how your picture will look on the wall by holding it in place. It uses two small pins to secure the item to the wall. They have been independently verified to safely hold 20 lbs, while only making two small holes in the wall, so repairs when moving décor is a snap.

Because the Place&Push system hangs on two points, it spreads the weight on the wall and keeps the art from shifting. This allows the system to hold more weight and prevent wall damage.

Works for all types of wall décor

This new system is being adapted to canvases, frames, and other types of wall décor. Our first product using Place&Push technology is CanvasHangers™, which you can purchase online and at many popular retail stores. Watch how easy it is to decorate using CanvasHangers here. 

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