Sparkly Lips add Va-Va-Voom to this Room!

DIY art

Instead of going for the typical aesthetic of a hanging mirror, we decided to sexy-up this white dresser with an ultra chic golden canvas. If you have a space in your house that could use a little va-va-voom, these sparkly lips will definitely do the trick. To make the space even more glamorous, we also hung modern plant vessels on either side of the canvas. Here’s how we hung each item without damaging our beautiful wall!


We started with this plain white IKEA dresser that we updated with new brass knobs. The gold lips compliment the brass nicely, creating that elegant girly look we were going for!

How we hung “the lips”:


To start, we marked both the centre of the dresser, and the centre of the canvas, making our lives easier during the hanging process.

DIY art

We then installed one CanvasHanger on each top corner of the canvas to ensure the piece is hanging both straight, and flush up against the wall.

Now, line up the middle of the canvas with the centre of the dresser and push the corners into the wall to secure it. (Watch this video to see how it works!) Afterwards just remove the spacing strip and you’re done!

We hung the canvas approx. 5" away from the top of the dresser to allow us to display decorating boxes, and other items without blocking off the view of the canvas.

Hanging the vessels:


Next we hung a triangular vessel on each side of the canvas to widen our display, and to create a more vibrant appearance by breaking up the straight lines of the dresser and artwork.

Using the top hook on Hang & Level we found the perfect spot for the vase which just so happened to line up with the end of the dresser. Touches of greenery add life and a splash of color to the space, and wall.


Using the tool, press on the single hook to mark the exact spot for the screw. One DécoScrew per vessel was perfect to support the 2lb vases. Note that we chose brass screws to continue with our brass/gold theme!


Hanging the first vessel was fairly simple, but the tricky part was lining up the second vessel with the first one.

To do this, complete the following measurements:

  • From the top of the dresser to the bottom of the vase
  • From the edge of the canvas to the vase

After writing down the above measurements, you’re ready to hang the second vase.


We used spacing trips to mark the distances making the process efficient, and easier.

Using Hang & Level we hung the second vessel, repeating the same steps. Having someone help you assess the height while the vase is on the tool can be very helpful in making sure you mark the perfect spot! You’d hate to finish up only to have one hanging lower than the other. 


Voilà! Once the wall décor is done, it’s time to play – uh – to accessorize!


To give the space a girly, yet sexy, look we decided to keep the elements light and airy. The color scheme for this project focuses mainly on sparkly gold, brass, and white. By adding those shades into the room you can see how they all work together to create a truly elegant space. The faux greenery in the vases brightens up the display, but you could also use the vessels as storage for different items. 


This is the perfect landing space for a purse when coming home after work, or a communal space for keys, glasses, notebook, and other items that are a part of your busy day.

You can buy any of the tools used in this project straight from our online store!
As always, we love hearing from you! What do you think of our gold and white décor? Leave a comment in the comment box below. 
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