5 surprising benefits of hanging art in your home

Generally speaking, the reason we like to hang wall décor is to add visual appeal to our space. But what if you knew hanging art can do so much more for you? In this blog, we share 5 important benefits from decorating your walls. 

Improve mental health

When you hang pieces you love, you are creating a positive and uplifting environment in your space. Viewing art can reduce stress and improve both your mood and mental health. With busy lifestyles, coming home to a well decorated space just feels good.

Add personality

How you decorate is a reflection of your unique style and personality. Use your wall space to capture your memories and interests. Whether it’s a bold single piece that really moves you - or a curated collection of items that tell a story of your adventures - you can use art and wall décor to share who you are.

Be welcoming

A well decorated home, including your walls, creates a comforting and inviting space for everyone to enjoy. Change the quality of your time at home by hanging wall décor that brings you joy and helps you relax. Whether at home with the family or entertaining guests your décor can evoke a cozy welcome to all.

Look polished

When a room is decorated intentionally it feels thoughtful and inviting. Increase the appeal of your home by designing spaces that tie your wall décor in with your furniture, accessories and other art - to create a cohesive look. Designing spaces with multiple elements that work together is what professional decorators call vignettes. Read our blog to learn how to create your own vignettes and see just how easy it is to elevate a home’s style.

Invest in art

Hanging what you love can be a reward in itself. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable. And, as you have read, surrounding yourself with art packs in a lot of benefits.  But buying original art can be a smart investment, too. Have fun getting to know your local artists and check out some galleries in your community. They can help you discover something new and original art may even appreciate in value over time.

Person hanging a gallery wall with various decor items using Hang & Level, the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail.

Hang your wall décor with confidence

Now that you are convinced that art brings many benefits to your wellbeing, you may be inspired to do some more decorating. Check out our UTR store for a full range of products that we designed to help get pictures, wall décor and canvas art hung quickly, accurately and without making any mistake holes. Happy decorating!

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-The UTR Team


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