Tips and tricks for using Doree™ doorstop

When we set out to design Doree™, we wanted to make a doorstop that was easier to use than a traditional stopper. We created a circular, wedge shape design made from a hypoallergenic rubber that is both easy to use, and holds the door firmly. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Doree.

Two images showing Doree™ doorstop hanging on a lever doorknob and a round doorknob so it's ready to use for the no-bend installation

Store it on the handle

We typically don’t think about a doorstop until we need one, so they are rarely close at hand. Because of Doree’s circular design it can be stored directly on the door handle so it’s always ready to go. Then to install Doree, drop it to the floor and roll it into place with your foot. This no-bend installation is truly a unique feature of Doree.

Image of a person washing Doree™ doorstop under the tap to remove the dust and dirt to restore its grip

Restore the stick

Doree is made from hypoallergenic TPE, a type of recyclable rubber with a grippy surface that helps along with the wedge shape to create a strong hold. As Doree is used and gets dusty or dirty it can lose some of its grip. To restore the stickiness of the rubber all you need to do is clean Doree with hot soapy water.

3 images showing how Doree™ doorstop can be used to fill different gaps between the door and floor by using a single Doree door stop or stacking two Doree together to fill gaps up to 2"

Fits different gaps

Most doorstops are used where there is less than 1” gap between the door and floor. Doree works really well in these small gaps. For spaces that exceed 1”, just stack two Doree’s together to fill medium or large sized gaps up to 2”.

To get a better fit, you can rotate the Dorees on top of each other to adjust the angle under the door, making for a firmer hold.

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