Using Hang & Level™ on hard surfaces

We designed Hang & Level™ to mark exactly where to put the nail when you hang your picture in drywall. You can use it for hard surfaces too, such as concrete, cinder and plaster. To do so, we added a simple step when using Hang & Level on hardwall so it’s easier to see the mark. 

Using Hang & Level on hard surfaces

Two pictures together: one showing a person holding a picture where they want it to hang on a hard wall surface so they can see approximately where the fastener will go. The second image shows the person pointing to the area on the wall where the fastener will go.

Hold the picture in the general area you want it to hang and take a mental note of the area where the fastener will be placed. Don't worry, you don’t have to be super accurate.

Two images: the first showing a person tearing off a piece of painter's tape; the second showing lightly adding painter's tape to the hardwall in the general area where the picture frame fastener will go

Place a few strips of Painter’s tape in the area you think the hanger will end up. When you use Hang & Level, it will mark the spot for the fastener onto the tape. Make sure to press lightly when adding the tape, if it’s pressed too firmly into the wall it will be hard to see the mark.

 Four images showing how to use Hang & Level™ the picture hanging tool: Place the picture on the hook of the tool. Take the tool and picture to the wall and find the right spot to hang it. Remove the picture leaving the tool on the wall. Press the button on the Painter's tape to mark exactly where to install the fastener.

With Hang & Level, it’s easy to hang your picture visually. You can try a few different spots until you find the place where you want the picture to hang. No measuring and no mistake holes!

Place your picture on the tool. Take the picture and tool to the wall and move it around until you find the right spot for it to hang. Remove the picture while holding the tool in place. Press the button to mark exactly where to put the fastener.

Three images showing the mark left on the Painter's tape by Hang & Level™ to show where to put the fastener. And, two more images to show using a pen to make the mark more visible to guide the drilling needed to install the picture hanger.

The mark on the tape will be faint, but definitely noticeable. You can use a pen to make the mark more visible. Using the mark as your guide, you can drill a hole to install your hanging mechanism for hard surfaces, such as a screw or an anchor.

 Two images: the picture, Hang & Level™ and Painter's tape lying on the floor next to the hard wall and then the picture hung on the hard surface.

That’s it! Now you are ready to hang your picture. No measuring, no mistakes holes - and the picture hangs exactly where you want it, even on hard surfaces. Happy decorating!

Image of the final picture hung on a hardwall surface using Hang & Level™ the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail and Painter's tape.

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