SureGrip + Hang & Level = the perfect picture hanging pair

Over the years, we’ve tried many different laser levels but never found one that worked well for hanging pictures. That is, until now. Recently, we used Black & Decker’s new SureGrip™, along with Hang & Level™ to hang these three pictures. It took us less than ten minutes to hang them all perfectly leveled and we didn’t make any extra holes in the walls.

The SureGrip laser level projects a straight line on the wall while the suction cup keeps your hands free. Hang & Level helps you line up the top of the frame with the laser line, and marks exactly where the nail goes. Using both tools together makes the perfect picture hanging combination that will save you time and frustration.

Find the right height for your display:
Use a measuring tape or our HeightGuide™ to find the right height for your display. Ours hangs at 60″ from the floor to the center of the image, which is the perfect standing eye height

Using Hang & Level, hang the first frame, level it and secure it in place withAnchor Points™.

Spacing your frames:
Cut 2 pieces of low adhesive tape (painter’s tape or SpacerTape™) identical in size. Place one directly against the right and left edge of the frame already on the wall. 

Position the laser level:
Turn on the laser and while holding it against the wall, move it up and down until you get a straight line running right across the top of the frame already on the wall. Once you have the right spot, push the SureGrip button to secure it on the wall. Adjust the position of the laser, the light will turn green when it’s leveled. 

Hang your next frame:
Using Hang & Level, line up the second frame with the end of the tape and the top with the laser line. Remove the frame from the tool, mark the spot, hammer the nail in and hang your picture.

Completing your display:
Repeat the steps above to hang the last frame. Once you are done, remove the laser level and the spacing tape from the wall.


About the frames
We used identical frames in this example, but you can use the same steps to hang items of different sizes, just line up the tops or bottoms of the frames using the laser line as a guide.




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