Hanging Art at Eye Level – What Does it Really Mean?

Eye level for different people

Hanging pictures at standing eye level can be very confusing … especially if you’re 5’6” and your partner is 6’2”.

For pictures that will be viewed from a standing position such as in hallways or an entryway, the best rule of thumb is to position your artwork so its center hangs at 60″ to 66″ from the floor. This never fail rule works for everyone. Please remember that in rooms where you spend the most time sitting; such as dining rooms, living rooms or offices, you should be hanging your art lower so that you can enjoy it without having to look up – way up.

Can you imagine if all the pictures were hung at his standing eye level? She’d get a sore neck trying to see them.

Eye level his level

Liette Tousignant

I’m passionate about picture hanging and decorating (and I’m also the Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating)