Old Cork Boards Get a Facelift

Corkboards spring look

Back in the fall we posted this great DIY article about repurposing the old cork boards we had in our garage. At the time, we had just moved into our new office and I had lots of  design projects on my mind which translated into a very ambitious busy looking inspiration board.

Corkboards facelift busy look

Now that spring has arrived and that I’ve had a few months to settle into my new office, I thought it would the perfect time to update my cork boards with spring and summer images. Although all I really did was swap out the images, the look feels fresh, lively, colorful, orderly, and organized, which reflects exactly the mood I’m in these days. While I was working on the boards I thought I may as well rearrange the office furniture too. The results are terrific! My work space feels brand new even though I have not spent a dime to redecorate it. It’s all about what you do with what you already have!

What’s your inspiration board like? Messy or Tidy?

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