How to Hang 3 pictures
These three frames are secure, level and perfectly spaced. It took less than 10 minutes to get this professional look using a collection of our uniquely designed picture hanging tools. The best part? No mistake holes. Here’s how it’s done. 


Tips: How to hang 3 pictures

1. Plan your layout
2. Start with the middle picture
3. Hang the outer pictures using the middle frame as a guide
4. Keep the spacing consistent

      Plan your layout

      Start with your furniture in place so you can anchor your art with it. We are hanging our 3 pictures above a couch. The general guideline for art size including groupings is that it covers about two-thirds of the length of the couch. We’ll keep this in mind when selecting the spacing between the frames. 
      We laid out the frames so we could try a few options to select the order of the images and the best spacing. Once you are happy with the layout plan, then you are ready to start hanging the first picture.

      Start with the middle picture

      Step by step on how to use Hang & Level picture hanging tool

      Lot’s of us worry about damaging our walls and making mistakes when we decorate. We designed the Hang & Level picture hanging tool to mark exactly where to put the nail. No more mistake holes!

      With three frames, start with the middle frame first. Hang the frame on the tool and take both the tool and picture to the wall. Center the frame over the couch and about 8 - 10 inches above its top to visually link the two together. Mark the spot for the nail with the tool. Hang the picture and it becomes the guide for the position of the other two frames. Check out this video to see how easy it is to use Hang & Level for a professional look each and every time.

      Hang your first picture securely

      For a secure hold we used DécoNails™ with our DécoHammer™ that is the perfect size for precise work. DécoNails hold up to 20 lbs (9 kg). The patented grooved head works with all common hanging hardware, including: picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyhole hooks.

      Keep your frame from moving

      Using AnchorPoints to keep picture frames from moving

      To ensure the picture doesn’t move, we installed AnchorPoints™ on each of the bottom corners of the frame. They are easy to use. Apply the AnchorPoints to the frame and hang it on the nail. Use the MiniLevel™ that comes with DécoEssentials to get the frame perfectly straight and then push in the bottom corners of the frame to anchor it to the wall. Your picture will stay straight, even in high traffic areas or while dusting.

      With the middle picture hung securely and straight, you are ready to use it as a guide to hang the other two frames in the grouping.

      Hang the remaining frames with even spacing, using middle picture as a guide

      Hanging picture frames 2 and 3 using the first frame as a reference

      Apply the SpacingStrips™, included in DécoEssentials, to the wall on both sides of the middle frame to easily mark out even spaces. The amount of space to leave between pictures in a grouping depends on the size of the pictures, wall space and furniture, but 2″ to 5″ is a good place to start. 

      With the SpacingStrips in place, use Hang & Level to repeat the simple process to hang both of the other pictures, and apply AnchorPoints to each frame to keep them from moving.

      That’s it. Decorating Simplified™.

      Check out this picture hanging tip blog for more ideas to simplify your decorating. We love designing products to make decorating easy. Got a question? Click on the live chat below or email us at:, and we’ll do our best to help you Create the home you love™

      -The UTR Team

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