How to hang pictures in a row

If the thought of hanging five picture frames above a table like we did here scares you, don’t worry - it’s much easier than you think! With the right tools and a few tips and tricks you’ll be able to recreate this gallery look in no time.

To speed things up, I use tools that we’ve designed to make picture hanging easy:  Hang & Level™, CenterFinder™, DécoHammer™, DécoNails™, AnchorPoints™ and DécoEssentials™ - along with painter’s tape. 

All the products needed to hang 5 pictures in a row: Hang & Level™, CenterFinder™, DécoHammer™, DécoNails™, AnchorPoints™ and DécoEssentials™

Layout your frames

Decide on the order in which you want to display the five pictures. Start by placing your favorite one in the center, since it will be the focal point of your display. Play with the spacing between the frames until you find what looks best to you. 

Find the center of the table and frame - no math required

Use CenterFinder to find the center of the table, and mark it with a piece of painter’s tape. Next, find the center of the middle frame and mark it in the same way. The patented scale on the measuring tape means that you don’t have to do any calculations, so it’s super fast and accurate! Line up the middle frame with the center of the table. For a professional look, leave the same amount of space between each frame; I used 4 inches. I lined up the middle 3 frames with the ends of the table as it counterbalanced the weight of the table quite nicely.

Hang 5 frames measure table

Hang the middle frame first using Hang & Level to mark exactly where the nail goes. I left approximately 13 inches between the bottom of the frame and the table so that larger accessories could be displayed without getting in the way of the frames. Watch these two short videos to see how easy it is to use Hang & Level and DécoNails. 


Install AnchorPoints to keep your frame straight

Once the first frame is hung, stick AnchorPoints on the bottom corners of the frame to keep it nice and straight. AnchorPoints prevent the frame from shifting when hammering the other frames up and will keep them straight even when dusting or in high traffic areas.



Create consistent spacing between frames using SpacingStrips™

DécoEssentials come with SpacingStrips and MiniLevel™. The reusable SpacingStrips are a fast and easy way to get a consistent space between all the frames in a gallery. They have a low tack adhesive so they stick to the wall when you are installing your items, and then remove cleanly when you are done. Stick SpacingStrips onto the wall on either side of this first frame to mark where the frames on either side go.

Hanging frames with SpacingStrips and Hang&Level

Hang the adjacent frames

Next, hang the first adjacent frame, either the one on the left or right (it doesn’t matter which) using Hang & Level. Line up the top edge with the top of the frame you’ve just hung and the side with the SpacingStrips. Hang the frame and stick AnchorPoints on the bottom corners.

Repeat the same steps to hang the rest of the frames. Peel off the SpacingStrips and you’re done!

hanging 5 frames top pic


For more inspiration on hanging pictures in a row, check out how we transformed this hallway table into an elegant dining room and functional home office.

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