CenterFinder™ by UTR Decorating
CenterFinder™ by UTR Decorating


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Find the center of anything in seconds

  • Patented center finding scale automatically shows the center point of any measurement without any calculating
  • Measure using the scale on the top, then find the same number on the bottom. That’s the center!
  • Measuring tape features large, easy to read numbers
  • Available in three lengths, 10,  16,  and 25 feet
  • Perfect for hanging pictures and for any other home improvement project

Find the Center of Anything in Seconds

CenterFinder™ is a measuring tape that locates the center of your items at a glance.

Easy to Read. Easy to Find the Center.

So Much More than a Measuring Tape

Sure it measures like other tapes, but CenterFinder also simplifies the process of finding the center point of anything.

No Math Required

With the simple number scale, the tool speeds things up and eliminates the need for a calculator.

The Quickest Way to Find the Center

With two sizes, 10 and 16 feet, finding the center of anything has never been easier.

Quickly Find the Center of Any Measurement