Install Doree™ doorstop without bending over!

When we set out to design a new door stop, we wanted it to work better than traditional options. A doorstop needs to be strong and durable, but why can’t it also be easy to install and look good, too. Working through our design process, the direction we ended up using creates the now signature circular shape that is Doree™. One of the many features of this design is what we call “no-bend” installation. 

Two images: an illustration of a door and words near the handle , "here is where you store it" and words near the floor, "here is where you store it" and the second image is a photo of a green Doree™ on a knob door handle.

There where you need it

A doorstop is one of those objects you never really think about until it’s needed. Doree is designed to be kept on the doorknob when not in use, so it is always there for you. Whether your door handle is a knob or lever style, Doree stores on both. When it's time, grab Doree and you are ready to roll (pun intended).

Two photographs: on of a Doree that has been dropped to the floor near the door and the other a foot in socks rolling the Doree into place to install under the door gap

Drop and roll

The symmetrical shape of Doree means it can be installed in either orientation - there is no up side or down side. To use Doree, open the door to the position where you want it to stay and drop Doree to the floor near it. Roll Doree along the bottom edge of the door with your foot until it slides into the gap; nudge it for a tight hold. That’s it!

Illustrated images of a wedge doorstop and the circular Doree doorstop showing in red on each the contact area with the floor and door - the Doree door stop has more area in contact with the floor and door than the wedge

Strong hold

Doree’s design means that it has more surface area holding both the floor and door than a traditional wedge shaped doorstop. This gives Doree its bold hold.

Photograph showing each color of the Doree™ doorstops all lined up - translucent, grey, green, blue, purple, red, yellow and black.

Looks good in any room

Doree’s simple geometrical shape fits into any space and works with any decor. Available in multiple colors, it’s easy to select one that coordinates with the unique style of each room.

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