The Perfect Tiny Holiday Gift: Tiny Faux Marble Planters

The Perfect Tiny Holiday Gift

Want to give a gift that says you care? Try DIYing this faux marble planter! It couldn’t be any easier to make and it’s darn cute too. It takes minutes to assemble, is inexpensive, and best of all, it doesn’t involve paint, glue or anything else that could make a mess in your home. Make a bunch and keep them on hand as gifts for dinner parties, for teachers, neighbors, friends, co-workers or anyone else who would appreciate a tiny plant this holiday season.

The Perfect Tiny Holiday Gift

What you need

  • Succulents or/and plants - 4 varieties
  • Tin cans - various sizes
  • Scissors 
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Marble adhesive marble paper
  • Ribbons

What to do

  • Use enough marble paper to wrap around the whole can, leaving a slight overlap.

  • Note: Make sure that the adhesive paper goes all the way to the top and bottom of the can if you want it to be entirely covered in marble.

  • Use the lines on the back of the wrap as a guideline when trimming the paper.

  • Use an X-acto knife to make sharp, straight edges at the top and bottom of the can.

  • Start wrapping the paper at the seam of the can (they all have one), using it as a guide to wrap the adhesive as straight as possible.

  • Peel the adhesive backing as you unwrap to avoid wrinkles in the paper, and smooth out any bubbles. Don’t press down too hard. This will make it easy if you have to peel a bit of the adhesive backing off to get rid of bubbles or straighten the paper.

  • Use the X-acto knife to trim any excess paper from the top and bottom of the can.

  • Tie a ribbon around the can before inserting the plant - this way you will be able to put the can on its side without making a mess. If you need help tying the perfect bow, watch our short video .

  • Insert your plant and you’re done!


  • Don’t water your plants immediately before doing this project - it’s easier to pluck them out of containers when the soil is dry.

  • Buy good quality marble paper so your vases actually look like marble - otherwise what’s the point?

  • Use smaller cans if possible, as they’re easier to wrap. It's also easier to get rid of air bubbles from a smaller surface.

  • As the cans are relatively small, you can cover them with leftover marble paper from another project. We’ve used the remnants of paper from (a desk makeover) to create this DIY.

  • If the plant is much shorter than the can, fill the tin with scrunched up paper to elevate it.

  • If the can is large enough, insert the succulent or another plant into the can with the plastic pot it came in.

  • If you feel energetic, you can fill the bottom of the can with soil and pebbles for drainage. Up to you!

  • Spray paint the top and bottom of the can with gold, white or silver for a chic look.

  • Tie the ribbon with equal lengths on both sides to make the bow symmetrical.  

  • We bought our succulents and plants at a garden center - they didn’t come in any fancy vase and were relatively inexpensive.

Have you ever used a faux marble adhesive? What did you use if for? Let us know in the comments below.

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