How to hang a mirror fitted with 2 hooks

Hanging a large mirror can be a real pain. They’re usually fitted with a pair of D-Rings to distribute the weight on two contact points, which increases the level of complexity and frustration. Let me show you how I hung this mirror without using a measuring tape or marking the wall with a pencil – and without losing my sanity.

The mirror had four D-Rings, so it could be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Tools I used

First, find the right spot for your mirror

Most of the time I hang stuff by myself, but in this case it was too awkward and heavy to do it alone; I had my friend Katelin help me. (By the way, don’t be intimidated by all the steps – it’s very easy to follow.)

  • I held the mirror against the wall while Katelin stepped back to determine the right height.
  • Once I had the right spot, Katelin marked the location of the mirror with a piece of tape on the top corner edge.

Hanging the mirror

  • Place the first D-Ring onto the single hook of the Hang & Level and with your helper, place the mirror and tool against the wall.
  • Line up the mirror with the tape on the wall to make sure it’s at the right height. ( Note: If the tool’s handle doesn’t clear the top of the mirror, angle it sideways. You’ll get the same results.)
  • Use a small level on top of the mirror to make sure it’s straight.

  • Next, I removed the mirror from Hang & Level while keeping the tool against the wall. Katelin pressed the single button the mirror was hanging from to mark the exact spot to drive the screw.
  • Install the screw.

Finding the spot for the second screw 

  • Hook the mirror on the screw while holding the other side.
  • While your helper is holding the mirror, place the other D-Ring onto the single hook of the Hang & Level. (like you did for the first one)
  • Place the level on top of the mirror making sure the bubble is straight.
  • Have your partner remove the mirror while you keep the tool in place, and press the single button to mark the spot.
  • Install the second screw.
  • With your helper, hang the mirror onto the two screws and remove the tape from the wall.
  • Just in case you were wondering, the top of the mirror hangs 6′ (72″) from the floor.

Ta da! Done!

P.S. As you can see, the mirror is fairly big – it’s 33″ x 28″ and weighs 10 lbs. So, choosing the right hardware was critical to ensure it was safely secured to the wall. So if you’re superstitious, know that breaking a mirror could bring 7 years of bad luck. Yikes! I used a Déco Screw to be sure I had a secure hold and peace of mind.

In addition to enlarging a space, a mirror in an entryway gives you (and your guests) the chance to check yourself out when entering or leaving the house.

On this note, I gotta go. Au revoir! 

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