Don't be afraid to change up a gallery wall

Gallery walls make a bold visual impact in any room. By putting together a collection of frames, canvases or other decor items, you can not only fill up a larger space on the wall, but it’s a great way to express what you love and to help make your space a reflection of you.

Just like anything else, from time to time you may want to change your gallery to add something new, or to change the look completely. Don’t be afraid to dive right in, here are three different approaches to changing up an existing gallery wall. Afraid of putting extra holes in the wall? Don’t worry - they are easy to repair, here’s a post showing you how

Why would I want to change my gallery?

There are lots of reasons you may want to change your gallery wall. The most common are adding a new piece to the mix, changing the artwork inside it or using some of the pieces in a different part of the house. Maybe you got some new furniture or just repainted the room and want to freshen things up. Whatever the reason, here are some ways to approach it.

Change the artwork

Four different image options, each showing a different way to change up a gallery wall.

Perhaps the easiest way to update the look is to simply change the artwork in the existing frames. Take each item off the wall and replace the artwork in it and rehang it in the same place. This is a great way to update the overall look of the gallery without a lot of effort. Change the images to reflect a single theme for a cohesive look. Or maybe use all black and white artwork for a modern, monochromatic effect. You can change the images to include a particular color or color range, to complement or contrast your new wall color - the possibilities are endless!

A gif that shows a how to hang 5 different pictures in 5 different layouts.

Change the arrangement

Want to use a piece of the gallery somewhere else? Tired of looking at the same arrangement of items? Take the opportunity and change the arrangement of the frames. Remove the frames from the wall and fill the holes (watch this video to see how easy it is to do) and you are ready to rehang! Arrange your items on the floor in front of the wall and try different alignments and groupings until you find the one you like. Hang them back on the wall (Hang & Level™ makes it easy) and enjoy the new look.

a gif image that show a different ways to add to a gallery wall that is hanging about a table and chair

Add to your existing gallery

Another easy way to add impact and interest is to simply expand your existing gallery. You can add almost anything to it, and you don’t have to change what’s already there. When adding to an existing gallery, think about symmetry for a more balanced look. For example, if your existing gallery is already symmetrical around the center, then add new items to each side in order to maintain that balance. Another way to keep things balanced is to add items above the gallery, working out from the middle. 

At the end of the day there is no single ‘right’ answer. Whatever looks good to you is what works. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things you like. That’s the great part about making your space your own - the only important thing is that it makes you feel good.

Tip: Before and After

Here’s a quick tip we always recommend. Take a photo of your gallery before and after you make the changes so you can see the effects of your transformation. Using photos really helps to give you a different point of view, and it’s a great way to compare before and after to see if there are any additional changes you may want to make. 

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