Easy tips to fill picture hanging holes in drywall

Many people are afraid to make holes in their walls when decorating so they often delay their projects or feel they need to get expert help. Once you try these tips, you’ll realize that picture hanging holes are so easy to fix, they will never hold you back from hanging new items or changing up your décor.

In this video we start with a gallery wall with 3 pictures, each with different fasteners. Click here to watch  how easy it is to remove the fasteners, fill the holes and get ready to create a new look. Continue reading to learn these easy tips to fill picture hanging holes.


Person using drywall spackle to fill a picture hanging nail hole in drywall.

Remove your fasteners carefully

A general tip when removing any fastener or hanger is to be gentle and remove it slowly so there is less risk of damaging or chipping the drywall. Brush off any rough spots around the hole.

What you need: drywall spackle 

Drywall spackle is made specifically to repair holes in drywall. If you don’t already have spackle at home it is easy to find at your local hardware or paint stores, and a small amount will last a long time. There are even some types that have a color when wet and change to white when they are dry, so it’s easy to see when the wall is ready to go.

three pictures together of a person using drywall spackle to fill a hole.

Filling the holes is easy 

Put a bit of spackle on the tip of your finger and gently push it into the hole. Wipe off any excess spackle to smooth the wall and you’re done! You can also use a putty knife or plastic scraper to spread the spackle; we find it is just as easy to use a fingertip.

picture of a person holding a Q-tip with paint that matches the wall in the background.

A little paint will make it disappear 

In some cases, you won’t need to put any paint on the drywall patch because it isn’t noticeable or will be covered by another item. If you have a painted wall where the patch shows, then put a bit of the same color paint on a small paint brush or Q-tip and gently dab it on the patch until it disappears.

Picture of 12 piece gallery wall made with frames, canvas and décor in a room with table and chairs

Now that your wall is ready, go ahead and hang your new décor item or create a gallery wall. Never let the fear of picture hanging holes keep you from expressing your style!  

For more inspiration on decorating with gallery walls, check out our blog - Step by step guide: creating the perfect gallery wall. You can also learn more about our fasteners that we used in the gallery: DécoNails™ and DécoScrews™. They are specifically designed for picture hanging.

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