How to Create a Gallery Wall on a Budget

How to create a budget friendly galleryWe often say that beautiful artwork doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Here’s a perfect example of a stunning gallery wall we created without a big price tag. Instead of investing in the art per se, we invested in beautiful high-quality wood frames that are classy and will never go out of style. When we’re ready for a different look, we’ll simply swap out the images for new ones.   

Let’s get started!

How to create a gallery on a budget

Here’s what we used to create our gallery

  • Two sets of black Place&Pus Frames (Six frames in total). Each set includes a mini level and SpacingStrips™
  • Three prints that we bought: the giraffe, “Is It Friday Yet?” and the geeky black rimmed glasses
  • The “Baby It’s Warm Inside” print is a free download
  • The Sephora bag was free
  • The “2018” print we made and printed ourselves

How did we do it?How to create budget friend gallery

  • We used clear tape to secure each print to the back of each mat. No need for adhesive spray, especially if you know that you’ll be swapping out the images at some point.
  • We gathered the frames on the desk to decide which ones would go in the bottom row.
  • We picked the giraffe as the focal point because - well - it’s super cute, and it’s fun to look at when sitting at the desk.How to create a gallery wall
  • Next, we laid all the frames on the floor in front of the desk to finalize the order for the top row.

About the picture frames

When we created this gallery wall, we didn’t measure anything. It was pretty much eyeballing with 99.9% accuracy. Since the frames we used were already fitted with hanging hardware, and new hanging system, it allowed us to simply place each frame on the wall and push to hang it. If this sounds confusing, watch this short video, and it will all make sense.

How to create a gallery wall

First, we inserted the pins in each frame (two per frame) to secure the art to the wall.

Next, we hung the giraffe picture. We centered it above the middle desk drawer, and hung it approximately 2 inches away from the surface – close enough to see it when sitting down. We used the handy mini level to make sure it was straight before pushing the frame into the wall.How to create a budget friendly galleryAfter hanging the first picture, we used the SpacingStrips included with the frames to space each frame evenly. Since each strip is 2 inches long, our frames are all spaced out evenly, vertically and horizontally. 

We hung the frame to the right perfectly level with the first one, which was easy to do since the frames are only 2 inches apart.How to create a budget friendly galleryWe repeated the same steps to hang the last frame in the bottom row, and the frames in the top row. How to create a budget friendly galleryOnce all the frames were up, we removed the SpacingStrips and we were done!

Note: The strips have a low-adhesive backing, so they’re reusable. Simply stick them back on the sheet, and you can reuse them for other picture hanging projects.How to create a budget friendly galleryDecorating tips:
  • The black frames make the art pop against the white background, and give them a greater presence on the wall.
  • Keeping an even space between each row and frame helps achieve symmetry.
  • If you don’t have a view from your office and are facing a wall, hang something pretty that you can glance at when working. In our case, we used the little giraffe.
  • For the artwork, we kept the color palette to a minimum to avoid it being too distracting.
  • If your space doesn’t have much light, invest in good task lighting. It will increase your productivity and it’s better for your eyes.
  • Add a small plant to your desk. It's been proven that a plant reduces your stress level, and it’s pretty too. Just don’t forget to water it. Lol!
  • Create a cozy feeling at your desk by adding some of your favorite accessories, such as a pencil holder (made by your kids), pretty mug, etc.How to create a budget friendly gallery
There you go, a stylish and unique gallery wall created on a budget.

Place&Push Frames come in sets of three, and are currently available in black or white. They’re packaged smartly in a pretty box, ready for gift giving. Put a bow on it, and it makes the perfect house-warming present or Christmas gift.

You can purchase directly from our website.

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