Before and After: A Dull Breakfast Nook Turns Into A Cozy Morning Paradise

Doesn’t this little breakfast nook just radiate summer? See us turn dreams of warm sunlight, roadside lemonade stands, and chirping birds into a cozy morning lover’s paradise. Bring bright cheerful colors into your home!

On a recent trip to HomeSense we fell in love with this lemon print tablecloth, and thought it’d be the perfect accessory to transform a drab lifeless corner into a vibrant happy one! Can you believe that this whole space was inspired by this one piece of fabric? Let us walk you through our thought process and show you how easy it is to create a similar style tailored to you.

Before & After Yes, folks this is the same corner, pretty sad looking isn’t it? Who’d want to settle down for a meal in such a boring space?

As soon as we draped the citrus-centered cloth over the table…OMG! And just like that, from a single idea the decorating transformation had begun! Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, a rug, a painting, wall paper, plates, the list is endless!

Before & After After placing the tablecloth we searched around the house for things that would fit our desired aesthetic. At first we thought we’d hang the fruit canvases, but found they were too dark and clashed with the light background of the fabric. We also considered placing some frames of small tree images, but decided it went against the fun fruit theme we have going. Scratch that! Next, a round white-wood medallion was given a shot, but a sudden thought sealed the deal. Who has a leisurely weekday breakfast without having a clock to ensure they won’t leave late for work?

The clock is quite large and was the perfect focal point for the size of wall we had. If you are interested to see how we hung the clock, click here to follow our steps! 

Even seasoned designers have to brainstorm and use trial and error to reach their desired vision, so don’t be afraid to experiment!Before & After Often times, everything you need to decorate can be found around the house! You just need to be creative about what you have. We scoured our rooms for anything that was spring-feeling, or had orange, yellow, and green on it.

  • The chairs, which we upholstered 2 years ago (see the before here) are super comfy and work well with the table. And yes, the striped pattern fits perfectly with the lemon tablecloth. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!
  • We had one orange and one green cushion of the same size. If you don’t have a set, don’t worry, asymmetry adds dimension and style!
  • Without having anything under the clock, the large blank space takes away from the nooks charm. By placing a faux plant we added height and kept to our theme. The leaves even look similar to the ones on the tablecloth!
  • For the lamp, since there was an outlet right behind the table it just made sense. It’s functional and looks pretty too!
  • While the books and white bird act as fillers, it also encourages relaxation and reading while enjoying a cup of coffee or a snack.
  • The cart contains a variety of plants, and since it’s on wheels it’s easy to take them to the sink to water them, or to move them into the sun for some vitamin D.
  • Green apples - yes, they’re faux, but they emphasize the freshness and healthy vibe we were going for, plus we already had them lying around!
  • Dishes and mugs fill the rest of the cart. We love this piece, it’s super functional and has that vintage appeal.

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

What do you think of this breakfast nook makeover? Tell us what your inspiration is in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you! 

Thank you for dropping by, and stay tuned for our next cool project!

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