Will DécoBrick™ hangers work on my brick?

We designed reusable DécoBrick™ hangers to be the easiest way to install onto and remove from brick without any tools. But how will you know whether they will work on the brick you have? There are two important measurements you can take to ensure that the hangers will work with your brick.

Image showing how to measure the height of a brick to see if it will work within the 2 1/8" to 2 1/2" tall range for DécoBrick™ hangers.

Measure the brick

The first step is to measure the height of the brick as shown in the image above. Measure from the top edge of the front of the brick to the bottom edge of the front of the brick. Make sure that the total height falls into the range shown above - between 2 ⅛ in (54mm) and 2 ½ in (63mm). Note that in North America the average brick height is 2 ¼ in (57mm), however that can vary depending on the composition of the brick, so it’s always best to check beforehand.

Two images of DécoBrick™ hangers installed on brick to show that the mortar must be recessed by at least 1/4" to work with the hangers.

Make sure there’s enough room to grip

The second important thing to note is to make sure that there is enough room between the front face of the brick and the mortar (or grout) so the hanger will be able to clamp on securely. As long as the mortar is recessed at least ¼ inch (6mm) then the hanger will fit. 

We designed the hanger to be easily installed by hand, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to stretch it to fit, so here are a few tips to make it easier to install. 

Two images showing how to flex the middle section of a DécoBrick™ hanger back and forth and twisting it a couple of times to warm up the plastic so it's easier to stretch.

Flex the plastic

The DécoBrick hangers can stretch to accommodate bricks between 2 ⅛” to 2 ½” because of the flexible middle section. Before you use the hanger, simply warm up the plastic by gently bending the flexible section back and forth, and twisting it side to side, a couple of times. This will make the plastic easier to stretch onto the brick. Two images showing how to use a lever such as a screwdriver to help install and remove DécoBrick™ hangers.

Use a lever

If you find it easier, you can use something like a screwdriver under the head to get more leverage to stretch the hanger. Place the bottom of the hanger on the bottom of the brick. Use the screwdriver horizontally underneath the head to stretch the hanger up. When the hanger is a bit higher than the brick, remove the tension on the screwdriver and it will clip into place. This tip works with both head styles - button and hook. You can use this technique when you are ready to remove the hanger, too.

Check out this YouTube shorts to see these tips in action!

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