"What is a creative eye-pleasing way to group 2 landscapes with 1 portrait shape?"

We love getting questions from our customers, this is one we got recently from Leslee: 

“What is a creative eye-pleasing way to group 2 landscapes with 1 portrait shape?”

That's a great question and the answer is "there is no one right answer 😀” So much of it depends on the actual pieces of art, the frame and the space they are hung in, BUT we do have a few suggestions to get you started.

First of all, when hanging two items in portrait orientation, it's almost always the most balanced looking way to hang them is side by side. There are two considerations when doing so: how far apart from each other they are and how to align them.

Two different scenarios showing how high to hang two pictures in different frames on a wall with and without a couch. In one picture they are centered and in the other image the bottom of the frames are aligned.

Starting with the alignment, generally speaking (assuming they are different sizes) if you are hanging them on the wall on their own, try aligning the centers of the frames. If you are hanging them above a piece of furniture like a sideboard, table or sofa, try aligning the bottom of the frames.

Two different images showing that spacing between frames is narrower if using thin frames and wider if using thick frames.

As for spacing, this is usually affected the most by the type of frames they have - heavy/wide frames can look good spaced apart a little more than thin/narrow frames. Try different spacing on the floor or with the pictures leaning against the wall and see what appeals to your eye. Hope that helps!

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