What Color of Roses is Best for Your Valentine?

Red Roses for ValentineThere’s no question that red roses are the most popular flowers to give to the special person in your life on Valentine’s Day. But what if you just started dating, if you’re just friends, or have recently fallen in love, should you be giving red roses or roses of another color?

I read this fascinating article called “Are your Valentine’s Day roses saying more than you think?” and thought you might enjoy reading it before placing an order with your favorite flower shop, just to make sure you’re ordering the right color of roses.

Here’s a quick list laying out the meaning of each rose color. You’ll find more detailed information about each color at this link.
Red: ”I love you”
White: “I am the one for you”
Pink: “Thank you”
Yellow: “We’re friends and I care about you”
Yellow with red tip: “I’m falling in love with you”
Orange/Coral: “I want you in my life”
Red and white together: “We are a great match”
Peach: “Let’s make this a memorable Valentine’s Day”

Although I find roses beautiful and very romantic, I personally prefer tulips, which is why I often use them in my blog posts. If you also prefer other flowers over roses, read about the meaning of other excellent choices of flowers to give on LOVE day at this link.

Liette Tousignant

Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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