How To Get Your Front Porch Ready For Winter

They say that your front porch is an extension of your home. True, but what do you do with that space when the mercury dips down to unimaginable levels? That’s the reality here in Calgary, where I live. Although it won’t get used for a while, I still want it to be pretty and welcoming for my family and guests. So here’s what I did to cozy up my porch for the winter without investing too much time or money. 

If you think decorating your outdoor space is a waste of time, think again! It’s amazing how much some seasonal TLC to my front porch boosted my spirit. It’s probably all psychological, but since I step in and out of my front door every single day, it feels so welcoming to come home from work and be greeted by my prettied up porch. After all, I don’t have a dog or a cat! 

Don’t worry, I am NOT talking about rushing to the store to buy stuff and do a complete makeover of your front porch. Nope! Sometimes, all you need is right under your nose. You just need someone (like me) to remind you that it’s right there, in your home. So, my advice is to go shopping in your own home first – you’ll be surprised at how much useable décor you already have. And as an added bonus – it’s free!

Have a look at the picture on the left. That’s what my front porch looked like in the summer. Feels warm and sunny, doesn’t it? On the right, is what it looks like today. Although the changes are subtle (and that’s my point), it gives you a whole different feeling – kind of like the one you get when pumpkin spiced everything comes around. It was so easy to do, have a look!

This past summer, I spent time getting my porch into shape so that my husband and I could make the most of it. You can read all about that transformation right here, and see pictures too. Since I love how the furniture and planters were placed, all I did (really) was swap out the pillows, and added a few berry branches, a bow and a small fake (faux) Xmas tree. Easy peasy, and I was done within 10 minutes. I also got rid of the dead summer plants that were in the planters.

Here’s what I did in more detail:

The plaid pillows: The outdoor scheme started with the pillows. That’s the accessory that set the tone for the rest of the décor. I wanted a pillow that looked Christmas-y without actually screaming Merry Christmas or Ho! Ho! Ho! You know what I mean, something subtle. I bought the plaid pillow because, well, it’s trendy, but most importantly because it has all the traditional holiday colors in it (red, white and green). It was also the right size (18″X18″) to fit over my summer pillows. That’s right, I just bought the covers and stuffed my summer pillows in them. Smart, isn’t it? When spring rolls around, I won’t have to look far for them. 

The white sheepskins: The plaid cushion looked good on the black chair, but it felt a bit harsh, so I softened the look by placing sheepskins (that I already owned) on the back of each chair. Problem solved! P.S. I can hear my mom say “don’t they get dirty outside?” Well, yes, but they can be washed. Do I leave everything outside? Yes, but I bring the cushions and sheepskins in if I’m away for a few days.

The planters: I filled one planter with an undecorated fake spruce tree and I didn’t fuss with it at all. I just fluffed up the branches because it had been sitting in the basement for a while. I added fake red berry branches to the middle planter for a punch of color between the bamboo filled planter and the evergreen one.

Other porch accessories: I put a large “gold” Christmas ornament beside the chair, it ties in nicely with the yellowy gold stripe on the cushions. I bought the wooden scalloped trees on sale a few seasons ago, but you can always make your own like this one. And to complete the look I displayed 2 white lanterns that I light up when company comes. It casts a very soft glow, especially pretty with a fresh coat of snow.

Oops…I almost forgot about the red bow on the black lantern. I actually decorate the house with lots and lots of red bows. It looks very festive and absolutely magical. Click here to check it out. 

When decorating, have an open mind and try different things. For example, I bought these red pom pom cushion covers thinking they’d be perfect for my porch but they ended up looking too childish. I love how playful they are, but they didn’t fit the style of the house or the look I was after. So, I returned them! 

Do you feel inspired to holiday-over your porch too? Go ahead and copy this look or steal some ideas if you want! I don’t mind at all, after all, I’m writing this article to inspire you. But hey, if you live next door, I might have something to say about it. 

Don’t have a front porch? Hang a wreath on your front door. In all honesty, this is the perfect way to add a little bit of seasonal essence to your home without having to do too much work. It will also add curb appeal and create a nice warm welcome for friends and family.

I’ve been talking a lot about decorating for the holidays, but the truth is, my porch will look this way for the whole winter (which is at least 4 long months here in Calgary). 

How much did I spend on my winter porch look? In total, I spent $80 (CAD) and that was for the pillow covers. I think it’s very reasonable and a great investment considering that I’ll rock this look for the next few months.

Ok, now is the moment of truth where you tell me what you think of my decorated porch. Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? It’s all fine, but tell me how you feel about it via the comment box below.

Happy winter decorating!

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