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With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, wedding season has officially begun. I received my first wedding invitation of the year yesterday,

and I’m thrilled to be able to attend. This triggered conversations with co-workers about weddings and what makes them memorable, after all – it’s all in the details, right? Being a design company, we pride ourselves on being creative and detail oriented. Karla’s wedding (she’s our manufacturing and logistics specialist) is the perfect example of that. 


Karla is from Brazil and said that in her country (where she got married), a great wedding must have amazing music, food, drinks and “everything must be in abundance.” Her reception was an all-white affair with elegant place settings and beautiful crystal glasses.

The buffet table was styled with an abundance of sweet desserts that played centre stage. Tall flowers and greenery created a perfect live divider between the sitting and food areas. The large chandelier hanging above the table reinforced the striking focal point of the room.  


A wedding is the union of two people, and for Karla and her Canadian husband it was also the union of two cultures. She and her family made sure to introduce her new in-laws to some of the best Brazilian cuisine, including these intricate and decadent sweets.


The 5 tier layered wedding cake almost needed to be protected by a bodyguard to prevent any possible accidents from happening. (it’s an uncle, not a bodyguard)!

Wedding cake

Wedding cake

Her simple yet elegant off-white wedding dress by Gucci was purchased in Milan by her sister. The dress is about to become a real piece of art for her walls as she’s planning to have it framed. “It’s way too beautiful to hide in the back of my closet” she said. Meet Karla, the new bride!


Not a single detail was overlooked, even the bathrooms were well stocked with sewing kits to fix any clothing emergencies and make-up kits to keep guests looking fresh and feeling their best.


Thanks Karla for sharing these beautiful photos of your wedding with us! It makes me want to get married all over again.

What’s your most memorable wedding moment?

Photo credits: wedding photographer Juliana Mozart from Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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