We Hung These in Minutes

Ken&Shirley dining room

Hanging pictures with your partner is certainly not most people’s favorite “around the house” job. In fact, for most it’s something that gets put off as long as possible, or at least until company comes over. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case for homeowners Ken and Shirley. They recently re-decorated their dining room and needed to re-hang six botanical prints.  They were able to get their art up in a matter of minutes!

As you can see, the frames are beautifully hung with perfect symmetry and you’re probably wondering how long it took to pull it off.  According to Ken, the process went “stupidly fast.” They started by figuring out where the bottom right print would go and then “the others fell into place like pieces of a puzzle.”

Just like any job, it’s amazing what a difference it makes when you have the right tools. “Hang & Level made it incredibly simple to position the prints precisely even though the hanging wires on the back of the frames were of different lengths,” Ken says.  “No measuring required.”

Well done Ken and Shirley!  Thanks for sharing this picture with us, your display is stunning and looks just like the ones we see in design magazines.

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