Wall Décor Ideas That Fit Any Budget

You might think it takes a lot of money to have beautifully decorated walls. The truth is artwork does not need to be expensive to be beautiful.

So think outside the box and get creative with some of these fun ideas:

  • Add color and originality to a bedroom wall by dressing it up with a vintage dress, a colorful scarf or handbags you own and adore.
  • Print the letters of your name on painted square pieces of MDF.
  • Frame your children’s art. They’ll love you for it! And every piece is an original
  • Add pizzazz to your walls with a “scroll” of wallpaper.
  • Get your decorative plates out of the cupboards and show them off!
  • Transform your walls with masks or other exotic art.
  • Fill a large space with a map that has been framed or mounted on a poster board.
  • Frame your favorite post cards or greeting cards.
  • Make your walls sing with a variety of instruments.
  • Reflect sunlight with a grouping of stylish mirrors.
  • Clocks are whimsical, “timeless”, and inexpensive.
  • Free pages of your scrapbooks and display them on your walls.
  • Photocopy prints from a book on architecture and add instant style to your walls. Photography books also are also a great resource.
  • Frame or spray-mount magazine covers. Do the same with pages of your favorite calendars.
  • Use stylish and flashy pushpins to hang posters in kid’s rooms. Don’t sweat over the tiny holes they make: they can be filled!
  • Quilts, rugs, needle points and tapestries make great focal points in a room as they cover large spaces. Imagine Grandma’s face when she sees her special piece of artwork proudly hanging on your walls!

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