UTR gives back to the community

At UTR we get jazzed by a lot of things – art and design, community, learning, inspiring others and giving back.  And in fact, giving back is one of our top priorities, especially  when it comes to younger generations.  There is nothing more satisfying than spending time with children, chatting about their dreams, and blue-skying about creating spectacular and innovative inventions, while at the same time instilling a love of art and design. Our design director, Mike, recently played art teacher to more than 100 children in grades three to nine at the First Alliance Church in Calgary. It was a day of fun, design and learning to think outside of the box.

“Sharing my time and experiences with students in the community is such a treat – and it’s so much fun watching them get inspired and learn new skills,” says Mike.

Mike w kids drawing

The children created a variety of artworks including 3D images of cubes, cones and yes, even robots. The art class was part of the Calgary Public School Board’s Home Schooling program, where children from all over Alberta experienced art class for a day.

Mike thank you note from kids

 P.S. “Thank you for the Thank You note” says Mike.

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