Using Hang & Level™ to hang a picture with two keyhole hangers

Sometimes large wall décor or heavier items like mirrors are fitted with two hangers on both sides, such as D-rings or keyhole hangers. These items can be tricky to align and hang. To make it easy, use Hang & Level™, the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail. Learn how to use Hang & Level to hang a picture with two keyhole hangers.

couple hanging a picture installed with two keyhole hangers: one person holds the picture while the other stands back to check the wall position

Ask a friend to help

Generally, when a piece of wall décor comes installed with two hangers, it’s a bit awkward to handle on your own, so ask a friend to help you out. It’ll make the job a lot easier!

Person marking the vertical and horizontal location of the corner of a picture frame that is being held in the correct spot. Then it can be removed to place it on Hang & Level, and then realign with the tape.

Mark the spot for the picture

Have your friend hold the picture up against the wall. Stand back and give them directions to find the right spot for the item. Then, take a small piece of painter’s tape and use it along both sides of one of the top corners to mark the position of the frame on the wall.

Two images: one shows how to hook the keyhole hanger onto Hang & Level™, the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail. The other is showing how to use the tool to place the picture on the wall and align with the painter's tape used to mark the location.

Use Hang & Level to mark where to put the first fastener

Take the picture off the wall and place the keyhole hanger on the single hook of the Hang & Level, using the opposite corner from the one you marked out on the wall. Have your helper hold one side of the item while you take the picture and the tool to the wall, and align the corner (not on the tool) with the tape on the wall. Level the picture and keeping the Hang & Level in place against the wall, remove the picture from the wall and off the tool. Press the button on Hang & Level to make a mark in the drywall showing you where to install the first fastener. 

An image showing three different fasteners in drywall that we designed to make picture hanging easy: DecoNails™, DecoScrews™ and DecoHooks™.

Install the first fastener

Install the first fastener into the mark you made using Hang & Level and then you are ready to find where to put the second one.

Tip: Choose a fastener that will hold the weight of the item you are hanging. We designed our picture hanging fasteners for a secure hold in drywall. DécoNails™, DécoHooks™ and DécoScrews™ all have a patented head design that grips your wall décor no matter the hardware - picture wire, D-ring, keyhole or sawtooth. Check out the product links to select the fastener that is best suited for your job. 

A person hanging the second side of a picture with Hang & Level™, the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail. The first side is already hung using Hang & Level.

Mark where to put the second fastener

Hang the picture onto the first fastener you installed and place the keyhole for the second fastener onto the single hook on the Hang & Level tool. Move the tool up or down until the picture is level. Here we are using a small level that is available as part of our DecoEssentails™ kit. When the picture is level, have your helper remove the picture while keeping the Hang & Level on the wall. Press the button to mark the spot for the second nail. 

 two people hanging the picture installed with two keyhole hangers after installing the fasteners using Hang & Level™, the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where to put the nail.

Install the second fastener. Hang the item. Remove the tape. And, you’re done! 

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