To the Rescue: Saving Walls, Fingers and Sanity

Déco Hammer review in the Times of NW Indiana

We’re beaming with pride, and maybe even blushing a little, after reading some recent media features that make our tools seem almost heroic.

The Times of Northwest Indiana calls Hang & Level a “sanity-saver for … anyone with walls.” Their review also praises our Déco Hammer, noting that its ideal size and weight help to make smashed fingers a thing of the past. They like our Stoppy too, not only for its effectiveness at propping doors open, but also as a tool for “keeping toddlers from getting into rooms they shouldn’t.” We hadn’t thought of that one, but we’ll be adding it to the growing list of creative uses for our innovative door stop.

Stoppy received more praise from the team at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. They like how does its job “without marring the surface” of doors or floors. They also point out that it can be useful for “extra security in hotel or dorm rooms.” You can read their short review here.

It may not be quite super-hero stuff, but we’ll gladly settle for everyday household heroics. Whether it’s saving walls, fingers, or your peace of mind, we’re up for the job!

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