Tip Tuesday: Spacing frames evenly

Hanging pictures using Déco Nails helps spacing them when hanging a grouping

It can be a real challenge to keep the spacing equal between frames when hanging pictures horizontally. Here’s a simple tip that will help solve the problem.

If your frames are fitted with a picture wire, use two Déco Nails to hang them. They will allow you to easily slide your art back and forth on the nails to slightly adjust the spacing between frames. That way, if you need to move the frame just a little bit, you don’t have to put any more holes in your wall. It’s that easy! 

Using 2 nails per picture frame allows you to slide the wire back and forth to adjust the spacing in a grouping

When done, place Anchor Points on the bottom of each frame to keep your display looking fabulously straight.

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Liette Tousignant

I’m passionate about picture hanging and wall decorating (and I’m also the Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating)

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