How to calculate the size of wall art for a space

Hanging pictures is a decorating must to create spaces that look and feel good. With so many décor elements in a room it can be hard to know what size of artwork to hang. Use this tip to calculate the size of artwork you need to create a professional look in any room.

image showing how to define a space above a couch so you can determine the correct size of art needed for that spae

Fill 60 - 75% of the visual space 

Carve out a visual space where you want to hang your picture. For example, let’s say you want to hang art above a dominant piece of furniture to create a focal point for a room. Create a balanced look by filling about 60 - 75% of the empty space above the furniture with your art piece or arrangement. 

image showing how to measure the space above a couch where you want to hang a picture or arrangement and then calculate the height and width by 0.7 to get the general size of the picture you need to create balance in the space.

How to calculate the size of art needed

Here is an easy way to follow the 60-75% rule and calculate the size of art you need for a space. Measure the area you want to fill, and multiply the length and height of this space by 0.7. This will give you a guideline for the height and length dimensions for a single picture for the space or the size of the footprint to fill with multiple items arranged together.

4 different decorating senarios to show how to use the 60-75% rule to select the right size of art for a space

Hang the right size art for the space

In these images you’ll see how we used this general rule to select the right size of wall décor in a variety of decorating situations to create inviting spaces. Use this 60-75% rule to create a professional look in any room of your home.

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