Throwback Thursday: Hang & Level™ in New York Magazine

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, where we look back at some great moments in our company’s history! Today we’re reminiscing about a great press shout-out we got for Hang & Level, exactly four years ago. Back in 2009, our Hang & Level picture-hanging tool was featured in New York Magazine. Listed in the Best Bets’ New Stuff section, the magazine said that our innovative little tool is an “ingenious level [that] lets you mount pictures.”

Throwback NY Magazine

 We were beyond thrilled to have our tool showcased in such a trendy and well-read publication. For those not familiar with it, New York Magazine is a popular guide to New York’s various theater, restaurant, bar, entertainment, fashion, and retail scenes. At the time, we were also excited that associates at the Home Depot store at 980 Third Ave. at 59th St. in New York told us that customers were walking into the store with the magazine in hand, pointing at the yellow hanging tool and asking if it was in stock. Since being featured in the magazine and coming to the attention of the knowledgeable associates, sales of Hang & Level at both downtown NYC stores have been excellent.

New York — if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere! Thanks again to New York Magazine, the NYC Home Depot locations, and the support of all New Yorkers who have purchased and used Hang & Level.

See our New York Magazine mention here.


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