The easiest way to decorate on brick

Are you struggling to hang things on brick? It can be a challenge, whether you are decorating inside your home or outside. Typically, you need to drill a hole into either the brick or mortar, use a plastic anchor with a screw and hope it’s in the right place. Some brick hangers only grip onto the top edge of the brick, which isn’t very secure. There's a better way! DécoBrick™ hangers are the no damage solution for brick.

lights hanging on brick using DecoBrick

Hang stuff on brick - indoors and out 

Our reusable DécoBrick hangers are designed to make it quick and easy to hang things on brick without any damage or tools. Whether decorating or organizing, you can hang a wide variety of décor items inside and outside of your home. Frames, canvases, plaques, wreaths, mailboxes, lights and banners all can be hung quickly and securely. When it comes time to change out your décor or move it to a different location, you can do it quickly without any fuss.  


Easy to install

We designed DécoBrick to be super easy to install: 1) hook the bottom edge of the hanger underneath the bottom edge of the brick 2) using your thumb, stretch the hanger up and over the top edge of the brick 3) securely hang your item on the hanger.

To remove the hanger, simply reverse the installation process and it will come right off, leaving your brick intact. You can reuse DécoBrick again and again. 

Two images of DécoBrick™ hangers showing two head styles: button and hook.

Comes in two head styles

We designed DécoBrick hangers with two head styles so you can hang all kinds of stuff on brick whether you are decorating or organizing. The button head is great for any decor that has a keyhole hanger - such as clocks and mailboxes. Use the hook style head to hang your string lights, wreaths, tools and anything with a wire hanging system. The depth of the hook will keep your décor from blowing off the hook on windy days, something you need to consider when hanging your décor outside. 

For some inspiration, here is how we hung a wreath with DécoBrick. 

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