The Easiest Way to Decorate on Brick


Have you been struggling to hang things on bricks? It can definitely be a challenge, whether you are decorating inside your home or outside. Typically you need to drill a hole into either the brick or the mortar, add a plastic anchor and then use a screw and hope it’s in the right place. Other brick hangers only grip onto the top edge of the brick, which isn’t the most secure. Want a solution that is both secure as well as non-destructive? We have the solution for you!

Our DécoBrick™ hangers are designed to make it quick and easy to hang things on brick without any damage. With two different patented head designs, you can hang a wide variety of décor items inside and outside of your home. Frames, canvases, plaques, wreaths, mailboxes, lights and banners all can be hung quickly and securely. Best of all, when it comes time to change out your décor or move it to a different location, you can do it quickly without any tools or any damage to your brick. 

lights hanging on brick using DecoBrick

We designed DécoBrick to be super easy to install: 1) hook the bottom edge of the hanger underneath the bottom edge of the brick 2) using your thumb, stretch the hanger up and over the top edge of the brick 3) securely hang your item on the hanger. 

To remove the hanger, simply reverse the installation process and it will come right off, leaving your brick intact. You can reuse DécoBrick multiple times. 

For some inspiration, here is how we hung a wreath with DécoBrick. 


A lot of things can be hung with the hook head version of DécoBrick. An added advantage to this head style is the depth of the hook, as it keeps your décor from blowing off the hook on windy days, something you need to take into account when hanging your décor outside. 

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed learning about DécoBrick. To discover more of our products, check out our product page.

-The UTR Team

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