Taking care of canvas art

Decorating with canvas is an easy and inexpensive way to add art to your space. There are endless images available to choose from, and you can even upload your own photography to print directly onto canvas. Whether you are hanging a single piece or multiple canvases here are some easy tips for taking care of your canvas art.

Avoid sunlight and use LED lights

Strong light (specifically UV rays) will cause your canvas to fade, discolor and disintegrate. If possible, don’t hang art where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

image of a cow canvas hung in a dinning room

LED lights emit a low amount of UV so you can protect your canvas art by using this kind of lighting in your home. Another option is to coat your canvas art with a UV resistant varnish. Check with your local art supply or craft store for products and recommendations you can use. 

Dust and clean gently

Dusting a canvas

Over time, dust buildup can damage the surface of your canvas, in addition to making it look less vibrant. Keep your cleaning routine simple. Use a dry duster or damp microfiber cloth to clean your canvases. Avoid using any chemicals or sprays and gently dust rather than rub the surface.

Want to keep your canvas from moving on the wall as you clean it? Check out our AnchorPoints™ and CanvasHangers™ below.

Heat and moisture

All art, including canvas art, can be susceptible to heat and moisture. Avoid hanging your pieces above radiators or in high moisture areas such as bathrooms. Also, if you use a humidifier keeping your moisture levels around 55% will help project your art. 

Storing tips

If you like to change out your art for the seasons, or from time to time, take the extra step to cover the canvas for storage. Kraft or butcher paper is readily available in rolls so you can easily piece lengths together to wrap around your art. This will keep dust off of the pieces until you are ready to hang them again.

How can I keep my canvas art straight?

Our CanvasHangers are designed to be the easiest way to hang your canvas. Install a hanger on the two top corners of the canvas frame, place it where you want it to hang and push it into the drywall. It’s that easy. Because the canvas hangs on two points it will never move, even in high traffic areas or while you are cleaning it.

If you have hung your canvas using D-rings, sawtooth or picture wire, use our AnchorPoints to keep your canvas from moving. Simply add AnchorPoints to the bottom two corners of the canvas. Hang and level the canvas, and push the bottom corners into the wall. The canvas stays put.

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