Should the picture frames in my gallery wall match?

A gallery wall is an impressive decorating feature and can be used in any room of the home. A common question we get asked is whether the picture frames in an arrangement need to match. The short answer is - “it depends”. Read on as we share examples of how to create gallery walls with matching frames, different frames, modern and eclectic arrangements.

Two images side by side showing how if you are hanging only 2 frames together it is best that they match so they look balanced and cohesive

Hanging 2 frames

When you are hanging 2 frames together, the arrangement looks the most balanced if the frames are matching. When both frames are alike it ties the two pieces together, and it looks intentional, like they were meant to be hung together. The spacing you use between the frames will depend on the thickness and style of the frames and the size of the art, but generally we hang our 2-frame art sets anywhere from 2 - 5” apart.

Two images side by side with two different gallery walls of multiple frames of different styles and a tip to keep the spacing consistent between the frames to create a balanced look

Hanging 3 or more frames 

Adding more frames into the mix creates options. When hanging multiple frames it can work equally well if the frames match or are different. Each option will give you a different overall feeling to your gallery. 

When you are hanging frames in a gallery, it’s best to start with equal spacing between all the frames. Spacing distance can differ for various gallery walls based on the frame width and style in the arrangement. To learn more about spacing in a gallery, read our blog, “How do picture frame styles affect spacing”.

Here are two of the most popular styles of multi-frame arrangements, one with a more formal feel (the matrix) and the other with a more casual vibe (the eclectic collection).

Four images of the grid gallery style and a tip showing to keep the spacing consistent between frames to great a balanced and cohesive look

The grid

This arrangement option is a powerful, yet easy way to create a focal point in a room. Multiple images, in a matrix of 4, 6, 9 or 12 pictures can work well together. There are lots of layout combinations to consider and the one you choose will depend on the shape of the space you want to fill. With this look, it’s most impactful if all the frames are the same style and color, and they are equally spaced apart. And, if you want to get a little more technical, thicker frames can be hung a bit further apart, while a thinner frame looks best closer together. Refer to the blog we linked to above for more details.

An gallery wall with 9 picture frames that are all different hung together with equal spacing between each frame so the arrangement looks balanced - a gallery of this type can be called an eclectic gallery

The eclectic collection 

While the matrix gallery can be quite a commanding presence, you can also ‘wow’ using a collection of different pieces of wall décor - and you can make this footprint as small or large as is needed to fill the space. 

Just like any of the galleries, the curation of the items is the first step. With an eclectic collection it’s important to find a way of tying all the items together in the arrangement whether you use color, shape, style or story to do so. 

Hanging this kind of an arrangement may take a little more trial and error to get everything to look good together. Generally, the bigger and more densely visual items are centered or placed at the bottom center in the arrangement, with the smaller items surrounding them. Try a few different arrangements on the floor with different combinations and spacing. You can take a picture of each layout by holding the camera perpendicular to the collection, and this will provide another point of view to check for any changes you want to make. Trust your eyes; if something feels off, tweak the display by either changing the location of items or changing the spacing between the items until it looks good to you. To learn about hanging pictures and objects together read this blog.

4 images side by side showing the use of 4 UTR Decorating designed picture hanging products: Hang & Level™, CanvasHangers™, DécoEssentials™ and AnchorPoints™

The right tools makes the job quick, easy & accurate

We design picture hanging products that make decorating easy. They are particularly useful when hanging a gallery wall where precision is important. Listed below are a few of the essentials for your decorating toolbox to make it quick and easy to create any size gallery wall.

Hang & Level™ - find the exact spot for the nail, no matter what kind of hardware is on your frames or wall décor. 

CanvasHanger™ - the best way to hang canvas art. Place. Push. Done. It’s easy to get the consistent spacing between each piece. 

DécoEssentials™ - level the décor and get consistent spacing between items in a gallery.

AnchorPoints™ - keep your frames or canvas art from moving, so they are always hanging straight in the gallery even in high traffic areas or while dusting.  

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-The UTR Team

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