Shark Tank Memories: The Great Camp-Out

Here at UTR we love the small business investment show Shark Tank. In celebration of the show (which airs every Friday), we want to share some of our recollections of our own brush with fame on Shark Tank.

When Kelly and I, found out about the Shark Tank’s open audition taking place in Los Angeles in May 2013, we jumped at the chance to participate. We were prepared to do whatever it took to get noticed… well, almost anything. In order to guarantee us an interview with a pre-screening judge, we took the bold move of camping out on the street in L.A. so we’d secure a great place in line.

Shark Tank Camp outWe have great products that solve real problems, terrific sales in the US and Canada, a beautiful story to tell but we were completely unprepared for when this happened…(read the rest of the story at this link)

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