Recreate magazine perfect décor on your own walls
Have you ever seen a beautiful wall arrangement like this one in your favorite décor magazine and wanted to recreate it in your home? Of course you have, but if you’re like most people, you’d never think of recreating the same look in your house because you’re afraid that you’d mess up your walls. Right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Here are a few easy steps to help you recreate this beautiful look for your home:

  • First, build the look on the floor to help determine how much space to leave in between each frame.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the final layout, measure the total vertical length of your display to decide on the correct height to hang it.
  • Start by hanging the middle frame in the bottom row. Then hang the one on the left or right.
  • As for the spacing between frames, keep it consistent to achieve the same look. Cut pieces of desired (identical) length of low adhesive tape or SpacerTape and simply peel the tape off when you’re done.
  • Use Hang & Level to perfectly line up your frames on the wall. It will mark the exact location for your hardware, eliminating the chance of making extra holes in your walls.
  • Next, hang the center row, aligning the frames with the bottom row.
  • Finish the look with the top row, lining up the frames with the row below.

Tip: Once you’ve done all this work, you’ll want to make sure your arrangement stays straight. By placing small Anchor Points on the bottom corners of your frames, they will stay straight forever, keeping your look magazine perfect.

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