Quick & Easy Ways to Hang 3 Picture Frames

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to freshen the décor on your walls. Why not bring some of the bright seasonal colors inside for a new look? Nothing says summer like crisp white frames and matts paired with photos of vivid blossoms from your garden. Here are three quick and easy looks you can try to bring the vibrant colors of the season right into your own home.

Look A – Horizontal Grouping

This grouping is very versatile and looks great on its own or hanging above a piece of furniture. Create a balanced look by leaving equal space between frames. Here we left 5 inches.

  • Hang the middle picture first, then using the SpacerTape™, measure out identical space between frames and hang the pictures on either side.
  • It’s important to hang your frames at the right height. Learn more about Hanging Art at Eye Level and hang your pictures perfectly every time.

Look B – Vertical Grouping

This look works great on a tall narrow wall or in between windows and has the advantage of making a ceiling look higher than it actually is. Create a column of artwork by keeping the spacing between frames identical. Here we left 8 inches.

  • Always hang your favorite piece in the middle as it will be noticed first
  • It’s important to start with the bottom piece first, working your way up so the handle of the Hang & Level will not interfere with the rest of the pictures and you will have perfect alignment.

Look C – Creative Grouping

You don’t have to group pictures in a line. Tell a story by grouping frames closer together to create a compact look. If you have a small square wall space, a triangular arrangement looks great. Here, we left 2 inches between frames.

  • Hang the bottom piece first, so the handle of the Hang & Level will not interfere with the picture above
  • Next, hang the one on top followed by the frame on the right.

No matter which grouping you choose, you will create a fresh new look for your walls and the great thing is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We took these beautiful pictures ourselves. For more great, inexpensive ideas check out Wall Décor Ideas That Fit Any Budget. And when you’re ready for a change, simply swap out your photos for a whole new look.

At Under The Roof Decorating, our mission is to make picture hanging easy.  We design products such as Hang & Level and Déco Nails to help you hang pictures exactly where you want them without making extra holes in your walls.