Q&A: How Do I Hang a Picture at an Exact Height Using Hang & Level™?

One of the things we love about the Hang & Level picture hanging tool is that it allows you to position your items visually without any measuring or marking up your wall. However there may be some occasions where you want your picture to be in an exact spot on the wall, perhaps to line up with an item on an adjacent wall. In those circumstances we have found a couple of helpful tips which make it quick and easy to do. Let’s say you want to hang your picture so the top lines up exactly with another picture on an adjacent wall. Here’s how.

  1. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the item you want to match (A). Always measure from the floor rather than the ceiling which is rarely even.
  2. Use a piece of painters tape, apply it horizontally on the wall where you want to hang your picture, so that the bottom edge of the tape is exactly at the same height from the floor that you measured previously (B). Make sure that the tape is not in the centre of the picture, otherwise it will be covered by the Hang & Level tool.
  3. Place your picture on the Hang & Level tool and position it on the wall so that the top edge of the picture lines up with the bottom edge of the painters tape (C). Here’s a little tip to make it easier to line things up: when you are positioning your picture on the wall, hold the bottom edge of the picture and pull it away from the wall slightly so that the frame is parallel to the wall (D), then lining up the top of the picture is a little easier…
  4. Once you’ve hung your picture remove the painter’s tape and you’re done!

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