Protecting your artwork from sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage and fade artwork, but there are few ways you can protect your favorite pieces without having to leave sunny walls blank.

One alternative is to replace the glass in your frames with conservation glass or UV acrylic designed to block out harmful rays. This has the added benefit of protecting your pieces from humidity and dust. Most framing shops will have various options available. Your framer can help you choose the right type of covering for your situation and budget.

There are also archival protection sprays available. They are especially useful for artwork that does not have glass, such as a gallery-wrapped canvas. In some cases, the artist will have used a protective varnish already, but if you don’t have access to that information, you can find protective sprays at art supply stores that you can apply yourself. Krylon is a well-established brand that is widely available.

Another option is to cover the window in question with a UV film. This will be your best option if you also want to protect other items in the room such as textiles. Various types of protective window films can be found at larger hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

Note that the above options will work well to protect artwork in most homes. However, if you have museum-quality pieces or precious heirloom photographs, you should avoid hanging them in direct sunlight altogether and seek advice from a professional framer on how best to protect your artwork.

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