Post-reno decorating made easy with CanvasHangers™


This is prime renovation season, so we want to be there to help you get your art back up on the walls without any delays. Over the next four weeks we’ll be sharing decorating tips to help you create the home you love™. We’ll profile a few of our time saving picture hanging tools that we’ve designed to make the job a whole lot more enjoyable for you.

Decorating with a large canvas

Hanging large artwork is a great way to instantly elevate a space and change the atmosphere of your home. You can easily create a focal point in a room, enhance furniture pieces and add personality.

Choosing artwork that includes the colors already present in the room will give you a more cohesive look. As shown below, the black and white zebra matches the black chairs and white wall, tying the room together. 

Zebra photo hanging above kitchen table
Alternatively, if you are trying to accomplish a more dramatic look making your art the focal point, consider using complementary colors.  As shown below, the pink and purple in the cow painting complement and contrast the yellow chairs.
Purple cow painting in kitchen

Hang canvas art securely

It is important to make sure that your artwork is hung safely and securely on your walls, especially when it is a larger piece. Our CanvasHangers™ are perfect for any canvas size and can hold up to 20 pounds, which is enough to cover most canvas art. Your artwork will stay flush against the wall and firmly in place, even in high traffic areas such as hallways and dining rooms. 

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As shown below, CanvasHangers easily install on the top two corners of your canvas. You can remove and store the pin on the side of the hanger to transport your art. 
hammering CanvasHanger onto back of canvas

To hang your art, all you need to do is place the canvas where you want it, and then push it into the wall. It’s that easy! You can quickly hang a large canvas or a gallery wall with no other hardware required. 

woman hanging large canvas

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed learning about CanvasHangers, click here if you want to see more. Check back over the next few weeks to discover other cool ways to get your art back up after renovations. 

-The UTR Team

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