Picture hanging tip: how to display your frames

Gallery hanging pastels

I love sharing tips and tricks with our blog readers – this simple tip will save you time and potential mistake holes too. When hanging more than one picture frame, start by placing your frames on the floor to figure out the best possible arrangement. This will help you determine which frame should go where, make sure the colors are well distributed throughout the arrangement, and figure out the spacing between each row and frame.

Here I had decided to hang my 6 frames in an “imaginary” rectangle. I made sure the 2 pinks weren’t beside each other, and the same for the black and white images. The trick is to imagine a vertical line running through the middle of your display and making sure that the frames on either side of that line are visually equal in “weight”. This means balancing out colored images, light and dark pieces. You may have to move the pieces around until you find the right combination. This will also help you determine the right spacing between each piece and row.

When you think you have the right frame combination, take a snapshot – yes, of all the frames on the floor. Use the picture as a guide when hanging your frames. No need to write down any notes, the picture is all you need.

For this display I used our brand new Place and Push framesmini level and Spacer Strips to create a perfectly straight gallery.

Gallery frames pastel

If you’d like more picture hanging tips, head to our Pinterest board where you’ll find lots of helpful tips to avoid making bad holes in your walls. See you there!

I’m always looking for great picture hanging tips to share with our readers, so if you have one, I’d love to read about it.

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Liette Tousignant
Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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